Census Odd and Ends

Meet Charles Bigtop and friends

An unusual set of pages from the 1881 London census. Note the names and occupations of some of the residents of the lodging house. One thinks that someone may have been joking with the enumerator.

RG11/76 folios 43-45


  • G. O'LEARY Peacock Feather Trimmer
  • John REGAN, Dolls Eye Weaver
  • Mouse REGAN, Ratcatcher
  • Charles HORSEFLESH, Dog Fancier
  • Pancho FLIPBACK, Grave Digger
  • Gustave STINKPOO, Turpentine Boiler
  • Charles BIGTOP, Tiger Slayer
  • Joseph BROWN, Urinal Attendant
  • Henry DANDELION, Horse Hair Platter

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(Scans taken from the Archive CD Books CD of the London 1881 Census)

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