Burial registers after 1813

Burial registers from 1813 onwards were pre-printed books. From this date more information was usually included, although for the first few years it is not uncommon to see some of the columns empty.

The basic information stated in a post 1813 (in this case 1830) burial register.
"John Neep - Epperstone - June - 79 years" (The day of the month had been missed out, which is unusual) Fortunately we know from his gravestone that he died on June 12th 1830, although his age on that is stated as 78 years. (He was actually 78 years old).

Beware of ages quoted in burial registers. This example was fairly close, but they can be several years out!

Above: typical burial register entries (1831)
"Elizabeth Pearson wife of Wm. Pearson - Epperstone - March 7th - 58"
"John Blagg son of Christopher & Elizth. Blagg - Epperstone - April 3rd - 2 yrs & 9 months"

Most clergymen would enter the parents' names of a child who was buried, although I have seen examples such as:
"Jane Smith - Parkend - April 2nd - 9 months" The whole burial register was full of entries like this, which makes it quite difficult to find who the parents were. In such cases it would be worth looking at the baptism register, although it is not uncommon not to find the baptism record.

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